Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire Samantha Jackson Weddings?

I take a very personal, individual approach with my clients.  My main concern is that the planning process is an enjoyable one, and one that will lead to a memorable day with as little stress as possible.  My knowledge of the business allows the client to sit back and have fun!  Additionally, when you book with Samantha Jackson Weddings, you are getting me and no one else.

Can a Wedding Consultant really save me money?

Definitely!  A Wedding Consultant will direct you to vendors who will give you the best value.  In addition to saving you valuable time, I can help you negotiate the best possible price.

A good, effective Wedding Consultant should not be viewed as an extra cost to your overall wedding budget because I can help make sure you are staying within budget, and I can also help you minimize your costs in many other areas.

The money you save is more than the cost of hiring Samantha Jackson Weddings.

What do your services include?

It depends on what service you choose, but for full planning, I start by setting a workable budget and a reasonable timeline as to when certain items need to be completed.  There is also a detailed itinerary for the “day of”. This itinerary is distributed to all related vendors as communication is vital to ensure a smooth and stress-free event.

How do you set your fees?

I do not charge a percentage of your budget. I charge a flat fee based on the amount of coordination involved.  A deposit is required when a contract is signed, and additional payments are made throughout the planning stage.

What if I have already done some planning and have hired some or all of my vendors?

Working with vendors of your choice is never a problem.  I will start where you left off in the planning process.

I am worried that if I hire a Wedding Consultant, she will take over my wedding.

A Wedding Consultant should not be hired to take over your wedding; I work with you to ensure your vision is created.  I act as your confidante, understand all your needs, and can offer you guidance along the way.

With my knowledge of the wedding industry, cultures and latest trends, as well as my close-knit relationships with different vendors, I can save you a substantial amount of time and stress.  You will still make all the decisions but not have to research countless wedding vendors as I will provide a more condensed selection for you to review based on your needs.

My reception venue provides me with a Wedding Consultant. Do I really need to hire someone else?

That person is usually a salesperson who works in the catering or sales office of the venue.  Typically, he or she is not a trained Wedding Consultant.  It is his or her job to make sure that the right linens are on the table and that everything seems to be running smoothly.  If you ask for vendor referrals, you will get a list of companies who have done weddings at their venue before.  Your venue is not responsible for checking references of these companies and they may have only worked with them once or twice.

I can hire experienced vendors who can offer me their expertise on my wedding, so why do I need to hire a Wedding Consultant?

There are many experienced and knowledgeable vendors, but how much trouble do you have to go through to find them?  Locating vendors and checking references can be very time-consuming.  By hiring a Wedding Consultant, you work closely with one person throughout the entire planning process.  Your Wedding Consultant should have a clear understanding of your needs and will take the initiative to help you find the appropriate vendors.  I will make sure the vendors understand what you are looking for before you even meet with them to see samples.

Why do I need a Wedding Consultant? I have my parents, bridesmaids, and reliable friends to help me out.

Your family, friends and bridesmaids all deserve to play a special part in your wedding.  In order for them to fully enjoy this special day with you, they should not have to worry about decorating, waiting for the cake to arrive, or greeting your officiate.  By hiring a Wedding Consultant, you don’t have to stress about a thing on your big day. As your Wedding Consultant, I have spent hours talking to you about what you want. On your big day, I will focus on the small details that will make your wedding what you envisioned.  If you have any needs or questions, I will be there to take care of everything.  Best of all, I can plan for any potential problems that may arise.

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